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Registered Nurse by education and profession, Linda is now focused on farming and fiber production.  She plays the dual role of farmer -  breeding, birthing, and overseeing the welfare of a large alpaca herd and sheep flock.  In the shop, she is the owner and operator of Eagle Bend Yarn & Fiber.  In concert with input from both Beth and Chris, yarns and colorways are designed and then produced for the shop from the herds that live on the farm.  In addition, manufactured yarn purchase decisions are made by Linda and Beth, to complete the products offered at the shop.  Linda is an improving knitter, crocheter, spinner, and studied Sorting and Grading of all Fibers under the auspices of SUNY Cobleskill, being mentored by national alpaca judge, Wini Labreque.  Building a small business is her passion, and caring for her staff, customers, and livestock is where her heart is.  Linda is also the mother of 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren, owner of three Scotty dogs, and a flock of chickens.



First introduced to needlearts at a young age by a great aunt and grandmother,  Beth did not become passionate about yarn until 2001.  A graduate of the Art History program at U.C., Beth later studied knitting by some well known names in the industry including Ann Budd, Kyle Kunnecke, Romi Hill, and has participated in Knit-A-Longs with Knit Purl Hunter and Knitspot.  In 2019, she became a Certified Knitting Instructor through the Craft Yarn Council.  She has recently won numerous awards at our Boone County fair competitions including Best of Show.  At the shop, Beth offers help to our knitters, teaches Intro to Sock classes, Beginner Lace, Fix-It Classes, just to name a few. She  is also skilled in crochet basics.  Beth is the Assistant Shop Manager at Eagle Bend, and in addition to working the shop, also assists with breeding, birthing, and shearing our sheep and alpaca herd.  

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A proficient, self-taught knitter AND crocheter, there truly is nothing that Tracey cannot do.  In the shop, she teaches advance skill classes which include sweater construction, brioche, color work, as well as felting and some needlework projects.  Her skills provide Eagle Bend with countless resources of instruction.



Chris began needlework at the young age of 8 when her grandmother taught her to Crochet.  Through the years, she picked up knitting, tatting, and quilting as well, and through personal study, as expanded her skill level to offer help to our customers in whatever need of fixing they find themselves.  Chris enjoys knitting socks, but lace and shawl construction are her passions.  Chris covers the shop part-time and is available to help customers select yarns and matching patterns. Chris also work with me for fiber, both skirting, dying, and assists in choosing weights of yarn.



College graduate as well as a Donovan Scholar, T.J. is currently pursuing a Second degree in Art at NKU.  T.J. serves on staff as our Marketing Director and insures that we are current on events and ways to raise the public visibility of our shop.

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